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  • READ Display @ Mission
    Posted on 8/24/2016 03:22 PM by missionlibraryteens.

    The Teen Council at Mission Library decided to add something new to their teen space for the upcoming school year. Check out the results!


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Book Reviews

  • Parman Teen Book Review: “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley
    Posted on 8/24/2016 11:43 AM by parmanlibraryteens

    Brave New World reminded me of the world in Fahrenheit 451, except it was infinitely worse. In a future governed by dictator-like “fordships,” people are divided into castes with no religion, love, or freedom whatsoever as they are taught from birth that “everyone belongs to everyone.” The story follows Bernard Marx – who doesn’t fit […] 
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  • Parman Teen Book Review: “Lord of the flies” by William Golding
    Posted on 8/9/2016 04:23 PM by parmanlibraryteens

    I’ve been exploring classic literature recently, and Lord of the Flies was on the top of my list as I’d read many raving reviews for it. I wasn’t anticipating, however, that Lord of the Flies would be one of the most haunting novels I’ve ever read. Set during WWII, the story details events that occur […] 
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  • Parman Teen Book Review: “Don’t get caught” by Kurt Dinan
    Posted on 8/3/2016 10:29 AM by parmanlibraryteens

    If you enjoyed The Shadow Club by Neil Gaiman, then this book is for you. Don’t Get Caught has several parallels to The Shadow Club, including pranks, inferiority complexes, and the thin line between harmless and dangerous. Max is a caring, introspective narrator, and I really liked how the novel was written through his perspective […] 
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  • Parman Teen Book Review: “The Outsiders” by S.E.Hinton
    Posted on 7/12/2016 04:02 PM by parmanlibraryteens

    I realized today that this novel is a young adult classic for a reason. Hinton’s story is rich and deeply moving, detailing a short episode of the narrator’s – Ponyboy’s – life as he examines how people of different socioeconomic classes tend to segregate themselves and what truly marks these differences, money or otherwise. I’d […] 
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  • Parman Teen Book Review: “The catcher in the rye” by J.D. Salinger
    Posted on 7/6/2016 11:31 AM by parmanlibraryteens

    As a more modern classic, The Catcher in the Rye is different from most of the other classics I’ve read. First and foremost, the narrator, Holden Caulfield, is a sixteen-year-old, which I believe will make it easier for teens to relate to this novel on a personal level. In the book, Holden faces disillusionment with […] 
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  • Explora for High School - Explora for High School is designed especially for youth in grades 6-12 and serves as an interface for searching across multiple databases.
  • Kids Health - KidsHealth provides doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. KidsHealth was created by The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media and provides separate sites for parents, kids and teens.
  • Live Homework Help -Free tutoring in a safe online environment by certified subject specialists. Subjects covered include: math, science, social studies and English. SAT preparation, skills review and help with essay writing is also provided. Tutors are available for students of all ages from kindergarten through adult learners. Spanish-speaking tutors are also available.
  • MAS Ultra School Edition - This comprehensive database, designed specifically for high school libraries, contains full text for more than 700 popular high school magazines.


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