Monday, June 14, 2021

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San Antonio Public Library and SAHA Team up to Bring the Book-Rich Environment Initiative to San Antonio Families

Twenty-five K-12 students from SAHA communities will join their families, SAHA representatives, and San Antonio Public Library representatives to kick off this initiative with activities to include a distribution of high-quality books of many genres, as well as a sign-up for San Antonio Public Library cards. Interactive activities that highlight the many programs available at the libraries across the city will be offered.

“SAHA serves more than 65,000 children, adults and senior citizens, with more than 50 percent of those individuals under the age of 18, who will all be able to benefit from this partnership and book distribution,” says SAHA president and CEO David Nisivoccia. “Our SAHA staff work diligently to equip San Antonio youth with educational tools and resources that will help them reach their full potential and bright futures.”

“It is our hope that this project will serve as a platform to advance the partnership between the San Antonio Public Library and the San Antonio Housing Authority to ensure that our community has continued access to high quality literacy resources,” says San Antonio Public Library Director Ramiro S. Salazar. “We hope that through these events, the SAHA community will continue to think of their local library as a second home.”

BRE launched in 35 communities across the country in early 2017. Inspired by President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, its mission is to transform Public Housing Agencies into book-rich environments, ensure that children from all socioeconomic backgrounds have access and knowledge of the literacy tools available, and boost educational outcomes in HUD communities. Through the Initiative, 17,000 high-quality books of diverse genres, formats and reading levels will be donated and distributed to SAHA residents. Upcoming distribution events are currently being planned by SAHA and San Antonio Public Library. Details are forthcoming.
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