Friday, August 17, 2018

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Food, Glorious Food!

A special Play & Learn

Several San Antonio Public Library locations are offering a special "Food, Glorious Food!" Play & Learn. Visit the SAPL events calendar and search "glorious food" to find out when and where you and your child might attend. We hope you will enjoy all the mixing, making, and serving fun!

Pretend play is one of the ways children learn about the world around them and practice a variety of skills. What do you do at a party? How do you offer or receive a gift? Where should all the tools, toys, friends, and neighbors go? As you and your child act out different scenarios, you can introduce new vocabulary, make up your own songs, and perhaps incorporate some writing and drawing. But it doesn't have to stop with pretend! With supervision, children can begin to help prepare simple foods. Maybe you will let your child spread, pour, stir, or measure something next time you are in the kitchen together. Check the San Antonio Public Library catalog for more resources to help your child get cooking.

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