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December 7 in San Antonio history...

A Mexican sniper kills Ben Milam in the courtyard of the Verimendi Palace. Two others die in the assault.

The San Antonio Light announces that a Christmas tree will be placed in Alamo Plaza “in front of the ruined portion of the Alamo” by the Rotary Club.  The tree will be furnished by Douglas Fairchilds of Medina Valley.  The San Antonio Gas & Electric Company has agreed to furnish, free, the current for several thousand colored electric lights; J. C. Kinney has agreed to do the electrical work; Steves Sash &. Door Company has promised to furnish a fence to be built around a sufficient area about the tree to accommodate 1500 poor children and their mothers; the British Society, the Scottish Society,(known as Clan McDuff), three or four of the German singing societies, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, (representing the Irish), and the Choral Society of the Y. M. C. A., (representing the Americans), have agreed, to come in costume and sing Christmas songs representative of each nationality on Christmas Eve.

1917 – World War I
House Resolution 169 to declare war on Austria-Hungary, passes unanimously in the Senate, 74-0 and with one dissenting vote in the House, 365-1.  The lone dissenting vote came from Meyer London, a member of the Socialist Party from New York.  Jeannette Rankin (R- Montana), who earlier voted against the declaration of war with Germany, voted for the resolution stating that “the vote we are now to cast is not a vote on a declaration of war. If it were, I should vote against it. This is a vote on a mere technicality in the prosecution of a war already declared.”

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