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May 14 in San Antonio history...

The Spanish Council of War approves a site on the San Antonio River for a fortified presidio. The Domingo Ramon expedition, accompanied by the trader St. Denis from Louisiana (who had come to the site two years previously), established a presidio on the river at what is now San Pedro Park. This same council also approves the request by Father Olivares to establish a mission near the site.

The Gonzales Telephone company made connection with San Antonio today, over the wires of the Southwestern Telephone and Telegraph company.  The event was celebrated at the Telephone Exchange on Travis street.  Guests were invited to attach themselves to several receivers and transmitters and when this was done the Seguin office was called and the charming operator there, Miss Kate Zorn, daughter of the mayor, was heard singing “Sweet Bunch of Daisies” as though she was close at hand.

1918 – World War I
James F. Atkins of Hubbard City, Texas, a flying cadet taking training at Kelly Field, is in the base hospital at Fort Sam Houston, suffering from injuries received in an airplane accident which occurred on the Pleasanton road Monday afternoon.  The cause of the accident is given in the report issued by the flying department, Kelly Field, as a tail spin from a height of 500 feet.

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