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Hope in the Holler

Hope in The Holler

Hope in the Holler by Lisa Lewis Tyre brings the reader to the hills of Kentucky, where you can almost hear the story being read in a soft country twang. At the beginning of the book we meet an eleven year old girl named Wavie. Wavie's mother passes away, and suddenly she has family she never knew about that comes to take her to Conley Hollow (the Holler), a place her mother left years ago. Although Wavie's mother is gone, she left Wavie with a note containing instructions that helps her through some of her most difficult times - and times are certainly hard in the Holler. While times are hard, there is also a certain beauty to Conley Hollow. On her journey, Wavie faces struggles but also makes some unexpected friends and discoveries. Will Wavie stay with her Aunt Samantha Rose? Will she go to foster care? Or are there other possible options? 



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