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June 29 in San Antonio history...

1918 – World War I
The government today ended the fiscal year, the first fiscal year of the war – on the fourth anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  Reports state that the cost of the war since July 1, 1917 has been $12,600,000,000.  The war effort drains $50 million from the government daily.  In peacetime, the government spent less than $1 billion annually.  With the addition of the $1.2 billion spent on the war before this fiscal year, the cost has been $13.8 billion so far.

Rock and roll records were removed from juke boxes at city swimming pools because, according to the assistant parks director, of “undesirable incidents” which allegedly were caused by the music.

After a week’s delay due to four days of rain totaling more than two inches, Water Park U.S.A. holds its grand opening.  The $10 million water park is located off Interstate 35 between Coliseum Drive and Binz-Engleman Road.  (The park is now known as Splashtown San Antonio.)

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