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Building Vocabulary with Observations of Animals

Reading comprehension is built on vocabulary. Knowing more words and more about the world around them makes it easier for children to understand what is read to them and, eventually, what they read. We can help our children build vocabulary by talking about our surroundings and the many animals we see.  

Summertime, with long days and warm evenings, is a great time to explore outdoors. Has your child noticed there are animals everywhere? Observe with your child the animals that appear at different times of day and in various environments. How do they move? What do they eat? How do they keep themselves safe? 

Night Animals, by Gianna Marino, gives a humorous view of how nocturnal animals might perceive humans.  An assortment of animals typically active at night is dismayed by strange noises. The click of a flashlight reveals young campers who are also frightened by the animals. Extend the night time and camping theme with Flashlight, by Lizi Boyd. Whimsical illustrations depict a child’s adventure outside the tent with a flashlight. The reader gets to provide all the words for the story, allowing for plenty of variation with repeated readings. 

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