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July 11 in San Antonio history...

Jack Harris is shot by Ben Thompson in the saloon at “Jack Harris’ corner”.   This incident will spark a feud that will culminate in the assassination of Ben Thompson and King Fisher in the same building on March 11, 1884.

1918 – World War I
District Deputy Food Administration G. F. Taylor stated this morning that due to the numerous requests for more than the allotted 25 pounds of sugar for preserving purposes, another 25 pounds could be made available to families upon special permit from the food administration when the necessity for it is established.

Tickets go on sale for the Elvis Presley concert scheduled for August 27 in the Convention Center Arena.  They are available only at the arena box office either in-person or by mail order and sell for $12.75, $10.25 and $7.75 including service charge..   Mail order tickets should be addressed to Elvis Presley, Box 6588, San Antonio, 78201. Enclosed should be a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a note stating how many tickets are needed and at what price, along with a money order for the amount. “There will be no telephone orders,” said Joe Miller of San Antonio Ticket Services.

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