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Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs. Edna the Very First Chicken

Tyrannosaurs Rex vs. Edna the Very First Chicken by Douglas Rees

One morning, a very hungry Tyrannosaurs Rex goes looking for his breakfast. All the other dinosaurs run away, but there is a new animal in the forest who is not not scared of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Her name is Edna, and she is the very first chicken.

After all, why should Edna, a chicken, be scared of Tyrannosaurus Rex? Sure, he may be big with sharp teeth and mighty claws, but she has flapping wings, a sharp beak, and tons of feathers. Tyrannosaurus Rex should be afraid of Edna!

The two animals face off in Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Edna the Very First Chicken by Douglas Rees. Will Edna end up as breakfast for Tyrannosaurus Rex? Or could this small and brave chicken end up victorious over the mighty King of the Forest?  


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