Friday, April 3, 2020

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April 22 in San Antonio history...

Girl entertainers in two carnival shows were ordered to don clothing by Mayor C. K. Quin following complaints from the Legion of Decency, Knights of Columbus.

The Rowles Sales Company at 535 Delaware is displaying the new DuMont Royal Sovereign – the largest TV currently made.  It has a gigantic 30″ screen.  The cabinet is 47  inches high, 49 inches wide and 27 inches deep and also contains an FM radio and an attachment for a phonograph.  The TV sells for $1800.00.  (This is $15,374.16 in today’s money.)

RepublicBank receives a permit from city council to demolish the Texas Theater.  The Conservation Society receives a federal court order to delay the demolition for 60 days.

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