Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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May 28 in San Antonio history...

The Alamo Heights class of 1965, including future RoboCop, Peter Weller (right), celebrates its commencement ceremony on the football field.  The class consists of 460 graduates and the previous commencement site of Sunken Gardens was deemed to be too small.

The San Antonio Bulls win their American Football Association season opener against a team the Express-News calls, “a rag-tag assemblage of football fumblers who called themselves the Oklahoma City Drillers.  Perhaps the Drillees would have been more appropriate.”  Final score:  Bulls 76, Drillers 0.  (This score was one point short of tying the AFA single season record of 77 points, also set by San Antonio, against Ft. Worth in 1977.)

San Antonio native Linda Finch completes an around-the-world flight in a Lockheed Electra to commemorate Amelia Earhart’s ill-fated attempt sixty years earlier.

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