Friday, July 3, 2020

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July 9 in San Antonio history...

The Law Enforcement Committee of the Alamo Area Council of Governments is studying a proposal for a computer system to service the San Antonio Police Department, combining all Bexar County emergency communication units into one central location and also creating a regional crime laboratory.

Spontaneous combustion caused by towels soaked in linseed oil was believed to be the cause of a $250,000 blaze at the Thousand Oaks Racquet Club on the city’s northwest side.  The towels were left by an employee applying preservative to the floor.  ”Nobody told him about how combustible linseed oil can become when combined with a fiber material and that’s what happened in this case,” said arson detective Larry Foraker.

Olmos Pharmacy is listed as item #4392862742 for sale on eBay.

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