Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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July 18 in San Antonio history...

Lt. Stanton D. Richart of San Antonio and three aides were credited with the capture of 85 Nazis by falsely convincing the Germans that they were surrounded.  For this action, Lt. Richart receives the Silver Star with Oak Leaf cluster.

After a full night’s sleep, the astronauts on the way to the moon are today scheduled to perform a thorough preflight test of the Lunar Module that will land on the moon in a few days.  They are over 190,000 miles from Earth.

“The Great (Little) Train Robbery:” Passengers aboard Old No. 99 , Brackenridge Park’s miniature train, are robbed of their valuables by two soldiers from Ft. Sam Houston. Riders initially think it is a joke – until they see the guns are real. Both robbers are caught and sentenced to prison terms of 20 and 10 years, respectively. As of today, this is the last train robbery in San Antonio.

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