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August 18 in San Antonio history...

The republican forces of the Gutiérrez-Magee expedition under Gen. José Álvarez de Toledo y Dubois are crushed by a  Spanish royalist army under Gen. Joaquín de Arredondo at the Battle of the Medina.  The battle, the bloodiest on Texas soil, takes place at a spot between the Atascosa and Medina rivers south of San Antonio.  So disastrous was la batalla del encinal de Medina that its battlefield has become lost, its “Green Flag” has remained largely unrecognized, and its participants have been generally unknown, unhonored, and unsung.

The first train into Comfort was the occasion of great rejoicing in that city and a brass band serenaded the town. The train men and citizens drank up 17 kegs of beer during the jollification.

In an incident that would dominate the headlines for months and  eventually be made into a TV movie, San Antonio Policeman Farrell Tucker shoots and kills fellow patrolman-turned-vigilante, Stephen Smith.

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