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September 8 in San Antonio history...

The San Antonio Light prints a special report from New Orleans that says: “There are rumors early this morning of great damages and loss of life in last night’s storm on some of the Gulf islands, particularly Grand Island. It will be a day or two before authentic news can be accessed from there. In New Orleans during the afternoon and night the wind reached a velocity of 48 miles an hour. In this city the damage is restricted to the destruction of the Metairie bridge and the blowing down of many telephone wires. A child was killed, being blown, together with the entire front balcony, from a house on Front street.”  (This was the massive hurricane that hit and destroyed Galveston on this day in 1900.)

Dr. John Guy Fowlkes, head of the Department of Education of Wisconsin University [sic], has denounced as unsound the San Antonio Board of Education’s action in banning married women and women over 45 from teaching.

The Municipal Auditorium features the “Big Rock ‘n’ Roll Show and Dance” with The Cadets, Tab Smith & his orchestra, Bo Diddley, Little Willie John and Ann Cole.

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