Friday, June 18, 2021

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December 28 in San Antonio history...

In excavating at the corner of Market and Corcoran Streets for a cellar for the new building, the contractor has unearthed a tunnel that is believed to lead from the Alamo to San Fernando Church and to be of the underground passages supposed to have been dug between the various missions.

A one-inch snowfall, together with sleet, fell on San Antonio today, just three days too late for Christmas.

Elliot Cohen, executive director of the Las Casas Foundation. says the damage to the Majestic Theater is not as extensive as it first appeared to be when a six-inch water pipe burst on Saturday, flooding the interior, after temperatures dropped to six degrees.  Cohen credited firefighters for getting the water out fast.  Cohen said that repairs will be “far less” than the original $150,000 estimate.

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