Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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January 2 in San Antonio history...

The Traction Company has placed vestibule (closed) cars on its lines to the Hot Wells. The new style cars were appreciated by the employees Wednesday evening, one of the year’s most disagreeable nights.

After six month’s preparation, Joske’s of Texas launches its year-long Diamond Jubilee celebration.  Customers arriving at Joske’s are greeted with an 11-window series of historical displays marking outstanding events in San Antonio during the past 75 years, such as the first train, the first Battle of Flowers parade, Teddy Roosevelt recruiting the Rough Riders in the Menger Hotel, the first Wright Bros. airplane in San Antonio, the flood of 1921, and others.

The Alamo City receives snow for the first time since January 1982 and the 2.4 inches are the highest total since 3.1 inches on Feb. 22, 1966.

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