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January 15 in San Antonio history...

Clarinetist Artie Shaw makes a brief stop at Stinson Field on his way from Mexico City to his home in Los Angeles.  Reporters seeking an interview found him asleep in the airplane but were allowed to take a picture.  After the photo was taken, Shaw stirred briefly and asked, “Are they gone?”

Elvis Presley makes his first San Antonio appearance at the Municipal Auditorium (right), playing a 3 pm matinee and an 8 pm show. He will return to San Antonio twice more in 1956.

The San Antonio City Council recognized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday today with a resolution, a moment of silence and instructed the city manager to study the  possibility of re-naming a street after the slain civil rights leader.  A request that the city observe Jan. 15 as a holiday, however, fell on deaf ears and was put off without any discussion.

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