Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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January 28 in San Antonio history...

The city council passes an ordinance leasing the old water board office building on W. Market from the water board at a cost of $1 for a period of 10 years.  The building will be used by the library.

The American Basketball Association’s eighth annual All-Star game is played in the Convention Center Arena.  The East team defeats the West, 151-124.  Freddie Lewis of the Spirits of St. Louis is named the Most Valuable Player with 26 points, 11 assists and two steals.  His prize is $2,000 cash or a quarter horse named “Tuff Julie.”  He chose the horse. Unfortunately, “Tuff Julie” wasn’t so tough.  She died three weeks later.

The Light goes out.  Unable to find a buyer, the San Antonio Light newspaper ceases publication after 112 years serving San Antonio (right).

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