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February 10 in San Antonio history...

The new traffic ordinance goes into effect in two days.  Police Chief Lancaster has directed the printing of several thousand booklets containing a synopsis of the more important regulations, such as:  “Drivers must signal to drivers behind them before stopping by raising the hand or whip” and “No intoxicated person or person under the influence of liquor shall operate a vehicle on the streets of the city.”

The Harlem Globetrotters add an afternoon game vs. the New York Celtics because of high demand for tomorrow night’s double-header in the Alamo Stadium gymnasium.  The Globetrotters are scheduled to play the Philadelphia Giants in the second game of the evening.  The Philadelphia SPHA and New York teams will battle in the first game.  The south side of the gym has been reserved for negro fans and the north side for whites.

San Antonio is chosen for the site of the new Toyota truck plant.

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