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February 18 in San Antonio history...

While the Carnegie library building has formally been accepted by the city council, the contractor still retains possession of it and will until his claims on it are satisfied.  These claims are for extras amounting to $2,143.63.  Mr. Carnegie has been notified of the excess over his donation and unless he contributes this additional amount, the city will have to stand it or do without the library.

Homemade leaflet bombs explode about 5 p.m in Alamo Plaza and Northwest Shopping Center, shooting leaflets as high as 50 feet into the air and scattering them in the tops of nearby trees.  A right-wing political group called “The Minutemen” claimed responsibility.  No one was injured.

The San Antonio Spurs’ Alvin Robertson becomes the second player in NBA history to record a quadruple-double with 20 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals against the Phoenix Suns.  The Spurs win, 120-114.  Robertson remains the only player to set the mark with double figures in steals instead of blocks.

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