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March 17 in San Antonio history...

San Antonio is to be congratulated on the public spirit that gives her a free public library.  It may be small in its beginnings, but great oaks from little acorns grow, and the growth will be provided for.

In making excavation for the brick  foundation of the new Westminster Presbyterian church on Garden St, Contractor Finney struck the old underground passage supposed to have existed between the first mission and the Alamo. The ditch was 20 feet deep and Mr. Finley was compelled to go to the bottom of it to start his foundations. This Passage has been discovered twice previously: three years ago at the corner of Alamo and Garden st. and again on E. Commerce at the intersection of St. Joseph’s street.

The new 148-room, $185,000 Salvation Army building at the corner of College and Navarro streets is dedicated.

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