Saturday, March 6, 2021

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March 21 in San Antonio history...

Central Park Mall holds its grand opening (right).

After almost 20 years of showing movies, the North Star Cinema closes.  The triple-screen theater owned and operated by Boston-based GCC Theaters, Inc. showed its final movie today.  Steve Colson, GCC regional vice president said “It was determined that based on our receipts from box office attendance at the theater, it would be better if we were not at the North Star Mall location.”  (The final movies shown at the theater were: “Sahara” starring Brooke Shields, “Lassiter” starring Tom Selleck and “Blame It On Rio” starring Michael Caine.)

Plans to operate two white and gilt Venetian gondolas along the downtown San Antonio River were torpedoed today by the River Walk Advisory Commission.  But Rick Kolb, president of Venetian Voyages, said the controversy is now on course for City Council where the decision will be appealed.

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