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April 9 in San Antonio history...

Most Rev. Robert E. Lucey, Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Antonio, ends segregation in all Catholic parochial schools, saying in a letter dated April 5, “Certain un-Christian attitudes on the part of our people have been tolerated by moral theologians ‘for the time being.’ The day of racial injustice has passed.  The day of Christ-like charity has arrived. Henceforth, no Catholic child may be refused admittance to any school maintained by the archdiocese merely for reasons of color, race or poverty.”

The San Antonio City Council votes to rename San Pedro Tennis Courts to McFarlin Tennis Center.

President Gerald Ford visits San Antonio during his re-election campaign and infamously bites into a tamale without removing the husk. This is later humorously referred to as “The Great Tamale Incident.”

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