Saturday, January 16, 2021

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April 11 in San Antonio history...

Mayor Chambers announces that he has received word that Gov. Moody has filed the “Alamo bill” appropriating $150,000 in state funds to create a state park around the Alamo.  Mayor Chambers said that the city stands ready to donate the site of the fire station in the Alamo block as soon as the committee purchases other property in the block.

The “Brackenridge Eagle” miniature train begins operation in Brackenridge Park.  This is a “soft opening.”  35,000 passengers will ride the train before the grand opening is held on June 14.

The recently-completed upper decks of I-10 near downtown open today.  The project is part of the $270 million “Downtown Y” expansion project that is widening 10 miles of I-10 and I-35 from four to ten lanes and modernizing the I-10 and I-35 interchange.

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