Sunday, January 17, 2021

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May 3 in San Antonio history...

Henry B. Gonzalez announced he was resigning from the city council to run for state senator from San Antonio.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce have been invited to groundbreaking ceremonies for the new School of Aviation Medicine at 10 a. m. Friday at Brooks AFB. Reservations also are available for members for a reception and dinner at 6:30 p.m. May 9 at the Gunter Hotel. The two events mark ten years of effort on the part of the Chamber of Commerce, government officials and leaders in medical research and the Air Force. Dr. James P. Hollers, Chamber of Commerce president, said work will begin immediately on contracts totaling more than $8,000,000 to provide the first two units of what will be the most modern aviation medicine school in the world.

Dr. Wendell Stanley, Nobel prize-winning director of the virus laboratory of the University of California at Berkeley, and Dr. Sidney Farber (right), director of the Children’s Cancer Research foundation in Boston, are in San Antonio for the annual trustees’ meeting of the Southwest Foundation for Research and Education.

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