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May 12 in San Antonio history...

Due to the polio epidemic, the San Antonio board of health decrees that:

  • all theaters, dance halls and other public gathering places be closed to children and to adults up to and including those 21 years of age
  • all swimming pools be closed and swimming in the San Antonio River and surrounding streams is prohibited
  • sale of unpasteurized milk is prohibited
  • tonsillectomy surgeries are inadvisable
  • boarding school are urged to discontinue classes
  • all parties and picnics are discouraged
  • public parks are closed to all those under 21 years of age.

Possibility of a tornado in the San Antonio area was forecast by the U.S. Weather Bureau. Hail and winds reaching up to 50 or 60 miles per hour were also listed as possibilities. (This was the same storm system that spawned an F5 tornado destroying downtown Waco the previous day.)

The $100,000, 3.2 mile “Brackenridge Eagle” railroad track began carrying its first passengers around Brackenridge Park.

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