Saturday, May 15, 2021

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May 14 in San Antonio history...

The city health department reports one additional death, two new confirmed cases and six suspected cases of polio in the city.  Dr. Edward Sulkin, head of the bacteriological department of Southwestern Medical college, reported, “If the fly is a transmitter [of polio], T.M.I. is a hotbed” with garbage dumped into the creek behind the school and a leaking cesspool on the premises.

Mayor Jack White suggests that books in the public library written by known Communists should be branded or rubber stamped.  Interim City Manager Wylie Johnson takes things a step further, suggesting that the books be burned and every member of the library board be dismissed “if any of them have knowledge of Communist or Communist-leaning books in the library.”

An early grand opening, by invitation only, is held at the Alamodome.

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