Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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May 19 in San Antonio history...

Two new cases of polio were reported in the city last night, bringing the total to 21 confirmed cases, as the polio epidemic rages on.  Health Board Chairman, Dr. P. I. Nixon, stated, “In the normal course of events we can expect a sprinkling of new cases for the next week or 10 days, after which they should taper off if our control measures are as effective as we hope they will be.”

An eight-person committee blasted the San Antonio City Council’s plan to red-stamp books in the public library written by authors known to have some sort of Communist party affiliation.  The group’s resolution states that “destruction of the library has usually been preceded by censorship, book burning and branding.  This is followed by suppression of newspapers, freedom of speech, thought, religion and press – and the destruction of capitalism and free enterprise.”

Nearly two months before the release of their second eponymous LP, Anglo-American band Fleetwood Mac, featuring new members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks (right), play a concert in Municipal Auditorium.
(Photo courtesy of Feeding The Pig Antiques and Historical Photo Galleries.)

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