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May 27 in San Antonio history...

Stanley Graham’s Midget Circus arrives in the Alamo City for a five-day performance sponsored by Sommer’s Drugstores.  The circus features elephants, tigers, aerialists and acrobats. All the human performers are little people.

San Antonio now has 34 confirmed cases of polio since the May 1 outbreak.  In contrast, there were 38 cases in all of 1945, 15 in 1944 and 30 in 1943.

This morning, 18 year-old Raymond Johnson of 7121 Gulf Trail awoke to find that a thief had stolen his 1964 Chevrolet. Johnson, an employee of the Reptile House at the San Antonio Zoo, had three diamondback rattlesnakes and seven iguanas in sacks in the back seat of the car.  “I don’t care much about the car, but I don’t want to get sued by someone bitten by a rattlesnake,” he said, adding that the reptiles would be very hungry by this time.

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