Sunday, January 17, 2021

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May 28 in San Antonio history...

Col. H. R. Livesay, in charge of the medical fight against polio, says that he expects to see 150 polio cases in San Antonio by fall based on the 34 cases reported thus far.  “I have hopes, however, that if sufficient progress is made in reducing the cases by next month, they may be on the decline.”

Sea World of Texas holds grand opening festivities throughout the park featuring television stars such as Bob Keeshan of “Captain Kangaroo,” Tina Yothers of “Family Ties,” and Bryce Beckham of “Mr. Belvedere.” Susan Howard of “Dallas” said, “God gave someone good sense and the powers that be for choosing San Antonio as a site for the park. This is truly a Memorial Day that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.”

San Antonio native Linda Finch completes an around-the-world flight in a Lockheed Electra to commemorate Amelia Earhart’s ill-fated attempt sixty years earlier.

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