Monday, July 13, 2020

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June 7 in San Antonio history...

The San Antonio Light reports that a “well-known Major General” has been demoted to Lt. Colonel for stating at a cocktail party in London, “On my honor, the invasion will begin no later than June 15.”  This former General, Henry J. F. Miller, had commanded the San Antonio Air Depot at Duncan Field until 1941. He was demoted by General Eisenhower, a former classmate at West Point.

Two tired and hungry German POWs who escaped from Dodd Field two days ago were found this morning by two cowboys riding the fence line at the R. W. Briggs ranch, 20 miles south of San Antonio on the Uvalde highway.  They said they were on their way to Argentina and would rather die there than the United States if they couldn’t get back to Germany.

Joske’s and KZ-100 radio sponsor a party at the Arneson River Theater for the new movie “Grease.”  Producer Alan Carr and actor Jeff Conaway appear at the event.  Olivia Newton-John (right) is scheduled to appear but is forced to cancel due to a 102-degree fever.

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