Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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June 12 in San Antonio history...

Mrs. Ernestine Golibart, director of public health nurses, reported she had seen children lined up yesterday waiting to go into a West side theater.  Residents of the West side think they are immune from polio because only six cases have developed among Latinos, she said.

Two Texas laws banning marriage between Negroes and whites were apparently nullified today by a U. S. Supreme Court decision (Loving vs. Virginia) declaring a similar Virginia law invalid. Texas has had laws against interracial marriage since 1837. Sam Houston signed the first one into law.

The San Antonio City Council approves an $18.8 million grant agreement with the federal government for the $100 million Vista Verde South project and began making plans for another HUD grant to develop an 11-acre tract behind Joske’s into a major shopping mall “on the order of the Galleria in Houston.”  This mall would be known as the “Tiendas del Rio” but renamed Rivercenter Mall before opening in 1987.

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