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July 8 in San Antonio history

Despondent over the drowning death of his only son nearly four years earlier, Alexander Joske fatally shoots himself. In mourning, Mayor John W. Tobin honored the merchant and community leader and ordered city flags flown at half–staff. Joske Brothers Company closed for two days, while throughout the Southwest people remembered Joske as a pioneer merchant who had played a key role in transforming Texas retailing industry by leading the change from 19th century dry goods stores to the modern department store of the 20th century.

Postmaster Dan Quill suggested San Antonians take a last look at the old post office as crews would begin razing it soon to make way for the new building.

The polio ban test case against Playland Park owner Jimmy Johnson was “indefinitely postponed” today when City Attorney T. D. Cobbs stated that he was not prepared.  Dr. E. J. Arendt, acting city director of public health, expressed his opposition to the polio ban by saying, “What’s the use of having a ban if we can’t enforce it?  We are the laughing stock of the city.”

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