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August 2 in San Antonio history

Tax collector Maury Maverick sends a donation of $50 to be used for caring for members of the “veteran’s bonus army” now quartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  The telegram follows:  “Herewith is $50 for bonus veterans, the gift of my aged mother, who only wishes she could send more.  I commend your manly attitude for right and justice.  The country applauds you.”

The 95th polio victim in San Antonio is recorded – a 22 year-old woman who is hospitalized at the Nix.

Joske’s holds the first day of a disco dancing contest to win an appearance in the upcoming Allan Carr film tentatively titled “Discoland.”  [Allan Carr was the producer of “Grease.” “Discoland” would be released in 1980 as “Can’t Stop the Music.”]

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