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Normal: One Kid's Extraordinary Journey

Normal One Kid's Extraordinary Journey

Magda Newman wanted her son to be be normal. She wanted him to be able to swim in the pool or play on the playground just like other kids. 

But Nathaniel Newman was born with Treacher Collins, the same craniofacial syndrome as the boy in R.J. Palacio's book Wonder.  That meant Nathaniel's ears, eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jawbone weren't formed normally when he was born. It meant that Nathaniel needed sixty-seven surgeries before the age of fifteen to help him breathe and eat and hear. But, for Nathaniel this is his normal. 

Get to know Nathaniel and his mother as they question "normal" in this uplifting and humorous memoir, Normal: One Kid's Extraordinary Journey by Magdalena and Nathaniel Newman. 

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