Saturday, June 19, 2021

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August 10 in San Antonio history...

A number of San Antonio merchants are cooperating in a “back to church and Sunday School” campaign by using cuts prepared by the Council of Churches especially for use when the polio ban was lifted. Local radio stations also are participating in the campaign by making public interest announcements.

Police were probing three bomb threats today which disrupted downtown businesses yesterday afternoon.  Telephoned bomb threats were made to Joske’s, the Prince Theater, and the St. Anthony Hotel. No bombs were found.

Duval County rancher Clinton Manges and his lawyer, Pat Maloney, purchase the San Antonio Bulls franchise of the American Football Association.  They are looking to buy the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.  Team owner and CEO Angelo Drossos says the Spurs are “not for sale at any price” but later says he would entertain a “legitimate” offer with the understanding that the team would remain in San Antonio.

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