Friday, May 7, 2021

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August 13 in San Antonio history...

A 14-month old polio victim is brought in from Uvalde to the Robert B. Green polio ward.  San Antonio still has no new cases and stands at 98 victims for the year.

For a full hour, three times daily and uninterrupted except for 15 minutes of cowboy music, the commercial use of television is being demonstrated on the fourth floor of Joske’s – the first display of television in the state of Texas (right).  Some of the spectators have made inquiries about the cost of the television machines and if they are for sale.  They can be purchased for about $350 ($4,066.61 in 2020 dollars!) and stored in the attic until television is here to stay.

Northside Independent School District opens three new elementary schools – Monroe May, Virginia Myers and Henry Steubing – thanks to a $98 million bond package approved by voters in 1995.

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