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August 14 in San Antonio history...

August 14 in San Antonio history...

This proclamation appears in the Texan newspaper: “Having been given to understand that an attempt will be made to disturb the peace and good order of our city, which has never been disgraced by the presence of a mob, I, J. M. Devine, mayor of the city, especially charged with the preservation of the public peace call on all good citizens, without regard to party distinction, to assemble at the Mayor’s office, forthwith, and be sworn in as a special police.  The peace of the city must and shall be preserved, peaceably if we can, forcibly if we must.”

Ground is broken for the main building of Our Lady of the Lake Academy.  Originally, the name was to be “St. Mary’s of the Lake” but Bishop Forest persuaded Mother Florence that there were so many St. Mary’s in San Antonio that another name might be more appropriate.  With that, the name was changed to Our Lady of the Lake.

Workers spend five hours removing the 4,000-pound marquee from the Texas Theater (right) only to have it bend and crumble due to structural rust.  The marquee was due to have been donated to the Institute of Texan Cultures.

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