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November 17 in San Antonio history...

The Liberty Bell comes to San Antonio on its way from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco to its home in Philadelphia.  It was scheduled to arrive at 11:00 but showed up two hours and forty minutes late.  An estimated 40,000 San Antonians showed up to get a look at the bell.

Lyndon B. Johnson marries Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Taylor at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio. LBJ didn’t have a wedding band for her and had asked Dan Quill, friend and Postmaster of San Antonio, to get one. Quill bought a wedding band at the nearby Sears, Roebuck & Co. for $2.50.  (The Sears store was located in what is now called the Tower Life Building.) After the wedding, they had dinner at the St. Anthony Hotel and spent their wedding night at the Plaza Hotel.

Tosh Togo, a wrestler making his first appearance in San Antonio, fights to a draw in a 15-minute match with Larry Chene at Wrestlethon at Municipal Auditorium.  (Togo’s real name was Toshiyuki “Harold” Sakata, and he would find fame ten years later as the mute henchman to the titular villain in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger.”)

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