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January 3 in San Antonio history...

Alamo Field was selected today as the first choice of the committee appointed to recommend a name for the new school stadium.  Chili Bowl, the favorite name of the majority of citizens who signified a preference by writing in to the school board was not included on the list. Some names recommended after a two-hour meeting included : Alamo Field, Alta Vista Stadium, Bexar Bowl, Blue Bonnet Field, Cactus Field, Fiesta Bowl, Huisache Bowl, Laurel Field, Mission Stadium, San Antonio Stadium and Hollers Field, the latter in honor of Dr. James P. Hollers, president of the school board, whose efforts brought about the stadium’s construction.
It was also suggested that if such a name as Alamo Field be selected, that the sections be named after Texas heroes instead of being numbered.
[The stadium would be officially named, and is still, Alamo Stadium.  The sections are numbered. – Ed.]

Gymnast Cathy Rigby (right) debuts as Peter Pan in a World Premiere engagement at Convention Center Arena.

San Antonio begins cleaning up after yesterday’s snowfall that surprised even the weather forecasters.  Today’s high of 40 will finish off the melting snow but tonight’s low will be an icy 18 degrees.

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