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January 20 in San Antonio history...

1881January 20 in San Antonio history...
The first issue of the San Antonio Light rolls off the printing presses. It remains in circulation until January 28, 1993.

Even the pennies count these days, for just a few of them can buy a meal now at the Co-operative Penny restaurant just opened at 1113 West Commerce street, it was announced today. A meal can be secured for as little as 4 cents. Besides those who pay a few pennies for their meals, several hundred unemployed who cannot pay anything are served free each day. All profit is turned back into funds to buy food for the unemployed, Meal books are being sold to the public for $1 for distribution to the unemployed.

An official of the St. Louis Browns said the Browns are prepared to shift their San Antonio baseball franchise to any city they desire if Tech Field cannot be procured. The Transit Co. has purchased the grounds on San Pedro Avenue for bus shops.

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