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February 22 in San Antonio history...

Louis Paulhan, “King of the Air,” flew his aeroplane over the city today.  He attained an altitude of 2,500 feet flying from Kirby to San Antonio and return, a distance of 18 miles in 21 minutes. [This was the first airplane flight in Texas.  Benjamin Foulois made the second, and the first military flight, on March 2, 1910.]

The "Ripley’s Believe It or Not" appearing in the San Antonio Light features a dog owned by Mr. C. F. Schultz of St. Paul, Minnesota (right).  A picture of the dog is drawn by his son, Sparky.  Charles “Sparky” Schultz.  The dog is named Spike, and will be the model for Snoopy in the future “Peanuts” comic strip.

Tex Ritter appears in a stage show at the Texas Theater.

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