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March 12 in San Antonio history...

Groos Bank and Store is opened for business. This building (right), at the corner of Commerce and Navarro (then known as Groos Alley) is the first building specifically for banking in San Antonio.

The San Antonio Youth Council of the NAACP sends out letters to six local businesses requesting that they desegregate their lunch counters. Harry V. Burns, state youth director for the NAACP, says the plan is to work out a desegregation plan that everyone could observe at once, thus putting no one in the position of being first. Burns indicated that unless Negroes are seated and served generally, they will plan at this Thursday’s meeting a series of sit-down campaigns in the manner of those conducted recently in other southern cities.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush terminates the 110-year custodianship of the Alamo by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

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