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March 14 in San Antonio history...

Town crier Julius Meyer appears before City Council dressed as a baseball player to appeal to be able to promote baseball games at League Park.  Meyers was recently banned from his town crier duties by the city fathers.  “If I’m granted the right to call out baseball games,” Meyer said, “I will be contented.”

1930San Antonio Light photo courtesy of the San Antonio Express-News
Mayor C. M. Chambers broke ground today for the new home of the San Antonio Light, which is now being erected at Broadway and 4th Street.  The Light‘s new plant will be one of the most modern in the country. [Photo courtesy of the San Antonio Express-News]

Closed mouths and cautious comments were the order of  the day today after The News reported exclusively that San Antonio is likely to be the new home of the Dallas Chaparrals of the American Basketball Association. Roger Zeller, president of Columbia Industries and the only local man of the prospective group of buyers to be identified thus far, had no comment to make and was reluctant to admit a San Antonio group was bidding for the Chaps. In Dallas, Bob Briner, general manager of the Chaparrals, spoke of the recently announced sale of the Chaps to New Jersey Meadowland Professional Sports, Inc. That deal reportedly is about to fall through, however, due to problems in working out a settlement with the New York Nets over territorial rights.

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