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April 7 in San Antonio history...

A young man who unknowingly sat on an American flag at a recruiting office this morning, found himself suddenly jerked to his feet by Chief Evans, who witnessed it.  The Light reported, “The astonished youth, ignorant of the great respect for the flag paid by sailors, received in silence a verbal lashing that impressed him with the fact that the nation’s ensign must be respected by all.”  “I didn’t know I was doing it,” was his explanation.  “I just sat down without looking to see what was on the chair.”

Bible reading exercises, made mandatory by action of the School Board, started the day in all San Antonio schools.

The Federal Courthouse on Durango Street is renamed the "John H. Wood, Jr. U. S. Courthouse" in honor of slain U. S. District Judge John H. Wood who was assassinated on May 29, 1979.  U. S. Senator John Tower and U. S. Representative Tom Loeffler speak at the dedication ceremony in the courthouse rotunda.

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