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April 9 in San Antonio history...

An “ancient” 1903 Cadillac runabout is drawing the most attention at the motor show at the St. Anthony Hotel.  “Probably few exhibits in the show have created more interest than this ‘old timer,'” said R. H. Croxton, manager of the San Antonio Cadillac Company.  Mr Croxton said the exhibit is proving especially interesting to school children.

Construction has started on the $91,050 one-story Hot Wells High school building. The building will be of reinforced concrete and brick and will contain six classrooms, a combination library and study, a science laboratory, and administration suite. The structure, located at Cockrell Ave. and Hot Wells blvd will have 10,068 square feet of floor space. It is to be completed in six months.

First Mate, a San Antonio-based seafood restaurant chain, opens its first location at Buena Vista and Zarzamora.

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