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April 26 in San Antonio history...

On April 25, 1831, Bowie and Ursula Veramendi, daughter of provincial Governor Don Juan Martin Veramendi, were married. Upon appearing before the mayor of San Antonio, he pledged to pay Ursula a dowry of $15,000. Bowie claimed his age as 32 (he was actually 35), and the value of his properties at $222,800. That was greatly exaggerated relying on over valuation of property in Arkansas and Louisiana, and included some money still owed him.
In fact, Bowie had to borrow over $2,500 from his in-laws for a honeymoon trip to New Orleans and Natchez, Louisiana. After the honeymoon, Jim and Ursula Bowie settled in San Antonio.

Contruction begins on the Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston.

Four days after the Battle of Flowers parade, the United States declares war against Spain.

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