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May 3 in San Antonio history...

The Knights of the Golden Circle, a pro-confederacy mob, burn the office and printing press of the Alamo Express, a pro-Union newspaper printed by former San Antonio Herald editor, James P. Newcomb.  Newcomb flees to Mexico when he learns he is on a list to be hanged.  He will return to San Antonio after the Civil War and found the San Antonio Light newspaper in 1881.

Henry B. Gonzalez announced he was resigning from the city council to run for state senator from San Antonio.

Singer-songwriter Mike Reid performs a Pops concert with the San Antonio Symphony in Convention Center Banquet Hall. Because of his occupation as defensive tackle with the Cincinnati Bengals (1970-1974), he is billed as “The Violent Virtuoso.”  He would later write successful hits for Bonnie Raitt (“I Can’t Make You Love Me”) and Alabama (“Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go.”)

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